Emu Tracks Customer’s Testimonials

Testimonial from Australia

Hello Emu Tracks,

I only have 50% eyesight & so I am sorry for print size & please correct my spelling & grammar. It is difficult with Visual Impairment.  I am Very Blessed by Emu Tracks Products. 1 less pain in life. No Eczema!


Here is my Emu Tracks Testimony.


Steve Rowe - Double cancer survivor. 47 Years of Age.

Hi, my name is Steve Rowe & I live in Melbourne Australia. As a brief background, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in September 1996. I underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant in February 1997. In June 1997 I was diagnosed with cancer of the spinal fluid, manifest in The Lumber 4 of my spine. I walked away from all medical treatment refusing to take on another huge course of Chemotherapy that would have killed me. Given just 2 weeks to live & then 2 hours I was on palliative care at home. By a miracle I lived through.
I thought I would escape the skin problems associated with Anti Rejection drugs because I was only on them for 4 months & not 5 years. In April 1998 the spinal fluid problem returned & after 18 months of hell I was given just hours to live once again. This time on palliative care at The Alfred Hospital. Again I live through but come out of unconsciousness an L4 Paraplegis with very little feeling below the knees. I had lost 26 Kilograms & at 33 Years of Age weighed just 41 Kilograms. It was at this point I started taking USANA health products which immediately gave me the ability to fight back, eat & work hard towards walking again. In May 1998 I was in The Caulfield Rehabilitation Hospital for 3 months until the end of July.

I am a Musician & qualified Personal Trainer. I knew how to push my body with exercise having a past in State Level Middle Distance Track & Cross Country Ruining. . I went from wheelchair to frame, frame to cane & walked out of the Hospital in the late July. August & September of 1998 I toured The US with my Band. People came from everywhere across The US to see "The Dead Man Walking". Life has since been painful with much body damage but I have always kept training as hard as I can.

In 2005 I competed in The Australian National Track & Field Championship in Sydney in seated Discus, Javelin & Shot Put in The F57 Paraplegic Class. I had built my small body up to 72 Kilograms & competed well at Age 40 against Paralympians in their 20's. I have always looked young for my age. It was whilst up in Sydney competing that I noticed eczema appearing all over my body.

On returning to Melbourne I went to see a skin specialist who told me that for the rest of my life I had to cover my body twice a day with Cortisone Cream & Sorbolene. I told him I would never turn my skin into paper & then cover it with Pig Fat. His response was that I would suffer and get worse. I had found many natural products including USANA & Cranberry that helped with other conditions, health & well being.

As it happens I was at the nearby shopping centre a few days later & a lady was there presenting Emu Tracks Products for Eczema, Psoriasis & Arthritis. The lady said I needed to take Emu Oil Capsules orally & use Pure Emu Oil to cover the Eczema rash until the oral Emu Oil worked from within. This would take 3 months. Thank God for Emu Tracks Emu Oil Products! 3 months latter I was free from Eczema & my skin was glowing. For 3 years the Eczema would return somewhat on my right leg, between my shoulders & in my eyebrows every March/ April.

I have continued taking Emu Tracks Emu Oil Capsules twice a day orally & spotting with The Pure Oil as needed. This year the Eczema has not returned at all! I use the Emu Oil Face Cream Moisturizer & it has even taken away all my pain lines & wrinkles. At 45 people often guess my Age as 30! Thank God for this tremendous natural product that has saved me a lot of pain & suffering, saved my skin & saved my age!

Emu Tracks Emu Oil Products Are The Answer For All Your Skin Problems Including The Aging Process!!

Steve Rowe.